The Mission

CrossFit 954 believes health & fitness is universal and should be available to everyone.

It is our calling to be a conduit in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of our community through the regular practice of movement.



Monthly memberships are available for those who are in town for a while, or those that call Puerto Escondido home.


In town for a couple of weeks, stay on your regular training schedule with our weekly membership.


If you are in town for a short stint, don't miss leg day. Drop-ins are always welcome.

Are you an experienced coach?

Our team

Evroy Ellis Jr.

Director of Training

CF Level 2 Trainer, CF Aerobic Capacity, NCCP Weightlifting, Canfit Pro, Power Monkey ‘6, RCFP “Seminar”, ALTIS Sprint.

Evroy’s passion for movement began with fútbol at an early age which invoked his insatiable curiosity for fitness. Shortly after playing professionally, Evroy found Crossfit and instantly fell in love with the methodology. His interests then turned to competing in the Sport of Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting where he went on to win Gold in two-out-of-two meets, all while coaching classes and expanding his knowledge and experience through courses and seminars. Trained under the likes of Chad Vaughn, Chris Hinshaw, Dave Durante, Sam Dancer and Mike Cerbus.

Who Knew: Once went head-to-head with Pat Velner in a Crossfit Open heat and qualified to compete against the best in Japan at the Japan Championship in 2019.

“My favourite exercises are Snatch and Ring Muscle Ups and WOD of choice: Amanda.”

Elina Morales


CF Level 1 Trainer, Personal trainer ACE, Bachelor of Healthcare, Nutrition Based Solutions Certified,  Standard first AED skill CPR/AED.
Elina’s passion for sports ignited in her childhood, and it has remained a constant throughout her life. As a kid and teenager, she dedicated nine years to athletics, with a particular fondness for the 100-meter dash, where she earned numerous medals. She also relished the thrill of hurdle races, especially in relay events. In 2013, she embarked on her CrossFit journey, continuing to pursue this fitness regimen for several years before relocating to Mexico. Upon her arrival in Mexico, she rekindled her CrossFit passion in 2021.
Who Knew: Before moving to Mexico, Elina had the prestigious honor as part of the first aid crew in the 2012 Helsinki European Athletics Championship.
“My favorite exercises are double-unders and pull-ups and WOD of choice: Cindy.”



CF Level 2 Trainer, CF Weightlifting, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics, CF Mobility, NCCP Coach in training.

Michele’s love for basketball was the catalyst to pursuing sports. While still in high school, Michele was introduced to lifting heavy weights. Later in life as an advocate for her own health, Michele has also raised over $50,000.00 through several breast cancer organizations since being diagnosed at the age of 28.

Who Knew: In 2017 Michele placed 2nd as an OPA Masters Figure Competitor as a Provincial Qualifier. Her love for bodybuilding began back in 2001 when she placed 1st in two division in her first competetion at the Can/Am Olympus Natural Bodybuilding Competition in Buffalo, NY.

“My favorite exercises are clean & jerk and WOD of choice: Fran.”



CF Level 2 Trainer, CF Level 2 Weightlifting, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics, CF Mobility, Can Fit Pro Competition Athlete, NCCP Coach in training.

As a youth, john played hockey and soccer, and competed in both BMX and Downhill Skiing. John went on to attain his CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Certificate and Coached at numerous southern Ontario resorts.

John has trained under olympic weightlifting Coaches Mike Burgener, Chad Vaugan and Dmitri Klokov.

Who Knew: John is also a visionary and has produced some amazing events such as Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race, Reebok AMRAP Battle Series, and the She Roars Workshops.

“My favorite exercises are snatch, soon to be wall walks, and WOD of choice: Isabel.”



Certified Personal Trainer, and I have been working as a Coach for over three years.

I started exercising at the age of 17 when I joined a track club, and two years later, while in college, I discovered CrossFit. Since then, coaching and sharing my passion have become my main focus.

What I love most about my job is the community and witnessing athletes achieve their goals.

“My favorite exercises are HSPU, Rope climb, and my favorite WOD is KAREN.”

Giving back

Nestled amidst the vibrant coastal town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, CrossFit 954 Puerto Escondido stands as a beacon of fitness and athletic development. We are not just a gym; we are a community committed to fostering the physical and mental well-being of individuals of all ages, with a special focus on nurturing the next generation of athletes in our town.

At CrossFit 954 Puerto Escondido, we are committed to providing our youth members with the tools and resources they need to succeed, both in the gym and in life. We believe that fitness is not just about building strong bodies; it’s about building strong character and fostering a healthy lifestyle.